Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Dog, A Horse, and a Heart

The next 10 books are some of my favorites! All were published in the UK under Mandarin publishers and were not published in the US! I am not sure why, since Barbara Cartland's books were still being published in the US in 1994, which is the date of this book. Some Mandarin book titles were published in the US by Jove under the Camfield label, so it's a mystery!

A Dog, A Horse, and A Heart is a story about Manella, who runs away from her uncle after he tells her she must marry an elderly duke. She rides away on her favorite horse and brings her pet dog and assumes the position of the cook to the Marquis of Buckingdon.

I like this cover of our couple as they ride through the village. We see them being kind to local children while also seeing the horses and dog of the title!

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