Friday, May 14, 2010

The Wings of Love

The Wings of Love is another book where I was able to find 3 different Francis Marshall illustrations! This is Barbara Cartland's story about Amanda Burke, a vicar's daughter, who is proposed to by the evil Lord Ravenscar while she finds herself in love with a dashing stranger, Peter Harvey. Will she have to marry the evil Lord to save her beloved?

Francis Marshall creates two similar covers with the US ones. The Jove (US) cover has a number 24 and shows our hero carrying the heroine. She wears a green filmy dress while he is in a typical regency gentleman's dress of jacket and cravat. This edition was printed in February 1979.

The Pyramid (US) has a yellow cover with a picture of our couple. The heroine wears the green filmy dress, but without the pink scarf. They are in an embrace and our hero is wearing a dark green coat. The room look similar to the other cover, which informs us that Marshall updated this cover for the Jove one. This edition was published in 1971.

The Arrow (UK) book from 1975 has a different cover. The man looks as if he could be the evil Lord! Our heroine carries a pretty bunch of lilies. We see in the background a building and a statue.

The last image is reversed which is interesting since it's a German title.

Which cover is your favorite? It's unique to find 2 different US covers. Usually I find differences in the UK ones! Enjoy and don't forget to click on the picture to enlarge!

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