Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LOL: The Hundredth Chance

Barbara Cartland's Library of Love #5 brings us The Hundredth Chance by Ethel M. Dell, condensed by Bantam in June 1977. Maud's mother marries a man who is trying to seduce her, so she marries Jack, even though she doesn't love him. However, Jack is a horse jockey and Maud was once engaged to his boss, Lord Saltash, who will do anything to possess Maud!

Francis Marshall illustrates this cover with our hero and heroine, along with a racehorse and a building on fire. Our heroine clings to the hero as if he is her only lifeline! Our heroine is young and pretty while our hero is worldly and handsome. This is a great cover and I hope you like it!

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