Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Unpredictable Bride

The Unpredictable Bride is about Lucinda, who is given to Lord Meridan in marriage after he marries her in order to forgive her father's debts. He had wanted Hester, the older, quieter daughter, but ended up with Lucinda, who ends up being the perfect match! This book has a flavor of Georgette Heyer's The Convenient Marriage!

Francis Marshall creates two different covers for this story. The Pyramid (US) is an up close shot of our couple dressed for a ball. Our heroine is pretty in pink and holds an intricate fan. She looks flirtatious and full of fun. Our hero has a proud look on his face. This copy was published in 1975.

The Arrow (UK) book from 1967 shows our heroine driving a phaeton and being admired by others in the park. She wears a pink driving dress and matching hat. This is more of an action cover and shows our heroine's spunk, since few women drove themselves during regency times.

Third photo is from an old hardback version. It has a similarity to the UK Arrow version.

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  1. Hi ! You have a wonderful site all about Barbara Cartland books ...Especially with with those very helpful descriptions of the plot. Even I thought this book resembled Georgette Heyer's 'A convenient marriage ' & 'Friday's Child' . My own copy is the first one of Lucinda in her carriage!