Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweet Punishment

Sweet Punishment by Barbara Cartland was published in 1979 (US) and 1971 (UK) in paperback.

It's a case of hate at first sight when Lady Diana Stanlier meets Ian Carstairs. He returns from Africa with a message from a dying man who loved Diana. So she decides to teach him a lesson in love!

The Pyramid (US) cover shows our hero in Scottish kilt and our heroine struggling with him. She is very pretty, but obviously angry. I like this cover better than the other.

The Arrow (UK) cover shows our couple in the midst of an argument with the heroine about to hit the hero with a riding crop! I think her riding outfit is very odd and looks unattractive, which is unusual for a cover by Francis Marshall! The hero is dashing in his suit, though! Which cover is your favorite?


  1. HI, Rhonda - am an ardent fan of your blog. Could you please list the year of publication for the pyramid ed., please - the one wher Ian is wearing a kilt and assaulting the heroine....have been looking all over for a copy. It IS a pyramid, isn't it? By the way - have you noticed (you probably have...) the similarity to cover of Pyramid 67 - Theft of a Heart? Basically just a change of clothes....Kind regards and thank you sdo much for your efforts, Ulla

    1. If you're talking about the last cover, it's a Jove US edition. 1979 publication date as listed above. There is a Pyramid copy but I didn't have it since I was collecting the Francis Marshall covers.

  2. Thank you so much - found a copy! Am also collecting Marshall-covers. If you check what you wrote above, you actually referred to the Pyramid-series, though. Kind regards, Ulla