Saturday, May 8, 2010

Towards the Stars

Towards the Stars is the story of Stella Marsden, who is injured in a factory during the war and is miraculously healed by surgeon Clive Ross. However, rumors afterwards separates the couple and how they end up finding love together is the plot of this romance by Barbara Cartland!

Francis Marshall illustrates both covers and on the Pyramid (US) one from August 1977 we see our couple with the heroine reading a letter and resting in bed. She wears a pretty bedjacket of blue and the hero hovers over her.

The Arrow (UK) cover is similar, but we see more of the room and a nurse in the background. Our heroine looks older in this cover and wears a pink or coral bedjacket. She holds flowers instead of a letter.

Both covers are very pretty and unique in their being close up illustrations of the couple. Which is your favorite?

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