Thursday, May 6, 2010

Theft of a Heart

Theft of a Heart by Barbara Cartland is an interesting story about Amanda and her brother who are out to avenge the suicide death of their father due to his unscrupulous business partners. They have blackmailed everyone but one man and this dangerous event shows Amanda who she really loves!

Francis Marshall illustrated the Pyramid (US) cover in August 1978. It shows our couple near a swimming pool. Our hero clutches the heroine, who is trying to move away.

Note the difference in the Arrow (UK) cover from 1972. Our hero is wearing a suit jacket and our heroine is dressed in a blouse and skirt. We see a wheelchair in the background and wonder if our hero uses it. She seems to be imploring the hero to help her, maybe with something outside since the french door is open. Which cover do you like better?

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