Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Time for Love

No Time for Love is #40 in the Bantam series and was published in June 1976. It is the story of Larina, who finds out that she has a month to live. What happens when she is contacted by the brother of a dead friend and they meet in Italy is the plot of this exciting story!

Francis Marshall illustrated 2 similar covers for this book. Both portray our couple in a romantic, foreign setting. I've always liked the Bantam one, which looks as if our couple is resting after walking up a steep hill. Note her summer hat and sunshade! This book was set in 1904 and the look had changed to a simple style made popular by Gibson's pictures of beautiful women. Fashion was less fussy and ornate. The Pan cover has our couple in a beautiful garden setting. They're wearing evening clothes and look as if they're ready for the dinner bell to ring. Both are beautiful covers.

Found the third photo on BC's website under the Pink title, Mine For Ever! It looks like a version of No Time for Love!!

At this point, I was purchasing Barbara Cartland's books every month. I would get the newest books and purchase the older numbers that I didn't already own. The cost was $1.25 which seems cheap now, but I was babysitting for $1 an hour! On a summer day, I could make up to $8, which would pay for a month of books. I believe the books were being published at the rate of 2 a month, but I would get as many as I could afford in order to have them all! It was a fun way to start book collecting! I also lived in my local library, where I could find Cartland's books and many other authors!!


  1. I was much like you...I would buy a Cartland as soon as it hit the bookstores and then try to obtain the ones I was missing. I started with the Bantam ones and continued with Jove, Pyramid, etc. I still don't have all of her books. :) I also didn't realize, until your blog, that there were so many covers by the same artist, or even several versions of the cover for the same title. Your blog is a delight to the eye and want to thank you for posting these wonderful covers!

  2. Thank you! It started out with trying to find all of the early Francis Marshall covers when I stumbled across a few UK books that had different covers than the US ones.