Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Husband Hunters

The Husband Hunters is #39 in the Bantam series and was published in May 1976. I must admit that this is the first BC book that I bought with my babysitting money, even though I owned a few that had been given to me by others. After reading this book, I was determined to find the other 38 books in this series and it started a passion for book collecting that continues to this day!

This book is about Andrina, who enlists the aid of a distant relative, the Duke of Broxbourne, to help find husbands for her 2 beautiful sisters. He decides to help after realizing that Andrina is the beautiful girl that he stole a kiss from the evening before! How they find husbands and Andrina and the Duke find love is the plot of this story!

I love the Bantam cover! It's so beautiful with Andrina in blue, introducing her sisters to the Duke. Note that their dresses are similar in cut, but different in color! This book is set in 1816 and very regency in style. The Pan cover is pretty with our heroine in pink and outside on a porch with a party in the background.

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