Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Golden Illusion

The Golden Illusion is #38 in the Bantam series and was published in May 1976. This book is about Linetta, who meets the Marquis of Darleston on board the steamer to Paris. He is surprised to meet her later in the home of Blanche d'Antigny, who is a courtesan. Linetta's governess, Blanche's aunt, is dying and sends her to her niece, not knowing her profession. What happens when it is found out that the Marquis and Linetta are distantly related is the plot of this exciting book!

Francis Marshall paints 2 very different covers for this book. I admit that I'm partial to the Bantam one with our heroine in a beautifully elaborate green dress riding with our hero! Note his formal wear, which was popular in the 1860's. The Pan cover is less striking, but still pretty with our heroine in a yellow ballgown. It's interesting to see all the people surrounding them.

Paris in the 1860's was a playground if you were wealthy enough! Courtesans reigned supreme and in the prelude to this book, Blanche d'Antigny is noted as a real person! Men from all over Europe visited Paris and the beautiful women that were its residents!

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