Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moon Over Eden

Moon Over Eden is #37 in the Bantam series and was published in April 1976. It is an interesting story set in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, where Dominica is asked by Lord Hawkston to come and marry his nephew. As the oldest of 6 sisters, she feels that she needs to agree to his proposal. Unfortunately, his nephew is cruel and she realizes that she can't marry him. How she ends up marrying Lord Hawkston and living on his tea plantation is the plot of this romance by Barbara Cartland!

I believe that this is the only book Barbara Cartland set in Ceylon. It is interesting because it recounts the tea plantations and how tea was grown after coffee didn't flourish in that area.

Francis Marshall paints 2 similar covers for this book. I've always loved the Bantam one, which has our couple in a glamorous pose near a pond. It's exotic and looks like a bit of paradise! The Pan cover is similar with our heroine in a different dress and hairdo. Note her full bustle dress which was popular in the 1880's.

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