Tuesday, June 2, 2009

As Eagles Fly

As Eagles Fly is #25 in the Bantam series and was published in October 1975. Francis Marshall illustrates 2 similar covers for this story. Both have our couple in the mountains with troops around them and our heroine holding a knife. In both covers, she is dressed in Turkish garb. Both pictures are very beautiful!

Natasha's brother is being held hostage by Moslem rebels. In order to free him, she will give herself to the Sultan of Turkey. Lord Athelstan, already on a diplomatic mission, is asked to bring her to Turkey, but he refuses. Natasha sees this as a way to escape and disguises herself in order to join Lord Athelstan unawares. How they save her brother and fall in love is the plot of this love story by Barbara Cartland!

During the 1850's there was a lot of unrest in the Caucasian Mountains and much fighting between some of the Russian states and middle eastern countries. A kidnapping like this would not have been uncommon and it was known that white slavers captured European women to sell in the slave bazaars of the Middle East during this time period.

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