Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Gamble with Hearts

A Gamble with Hearts is #32 in the Bantam series. It was published in February 1976. Francis Marshall painted two similar illustrations with our couple at a casino. The heroine wears a lovely while dress trimmed in blue. Her dress has a crinoline, a bell shaped hoop that makes it sway.

Selina is rescued by Quintus Tiverton, a gambler living on his wits. Set in Baden-Baden in the 1860's, this is a story of the rich and famous in Europe and how they lived!

Francis Marshall had quite a talent. The heroine looks way too young to be in a gambling establishment and his sketches of the other characters around the table show a scene of merriment that may or may not last, depending on their wins! The hero seems to be keeping a watchful eye on the heroine. I like that the Pan cover has her in profile while the Bantam cover shows her looking towards us.

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