Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Very Naughty Angel

A Very Naughty Angel is #22 in the Bantam series and published in the UK by Pan. Francis Marshall illustrated 2 very different covers for this book. In the Pan edition, we see our couple dressed formally but in the Bantam edition, our couple wears Bavarian costume.

This book is about Lady Victoria, who is on her way to marry Prince Maximilian of Obernia. On her way to that country, she visits Germany and an adventure in Munich is where she meets Rudolph! Will she marry the Prince after meeting someone else?

Barbara Cartland only wrote a few books set in Germany. I think that the Bantam cover is very pretty, with our heroine in national costume. Note the castle rising in the background. Queen Victoria set many of her relatives on the thrones of Europe and Cartland takes this plot and writes a great romance. The Pan cover shows the heroine in a beautiful traveling dress. I wonder if Francis Marshall had trouble deciding which part of the story to illustrate and so did a few different paintings to decide his (or Cartland's) favorite! I do know that many of his illustrations are framed at Camfield Place, Barbara Cartland's home.

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