Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Bored Bridegroom

The Bored Bridegroom is #6 in the Bantam series, published in 1974. This is the first in a short series of books titled for the hero in the story.

The Marquis of Merlyn marries Lucretia because his father has ruined and sold off their estate. Estates in England were passed from father to son and were sources of income and prestige. Lucretia is an heiress and marriage was a popular way to gain wealth.

Francis Marshall's covers are almost identical with the couple dressed as a French soldier and peasant girl. The book is partly set in France during the Napoleonic war. Lord Merlyn is a British spy. It would have been uncommon for the eldest son to be a soldier, mainly because he would inherit the estate from his father intact. Serving your country as a soldier was usually reserved for a second son, where other professions for other offspring were the church or law. Quite a few of Cartland's books were set in France though the books set there didn't always sell well in France! The British copy at the top is a Pan edition. In England, quite a few different publishers published Cartland's books, since her output was so huge.

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