Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Journey to Paradise

Journey to Paradise is #5 in the Bantam (US) series and was published in April 1974. What is amazing about these covers by Francis Marshall are the similarities: note the background is almost identical with the ship, building, parrot, and fierce pirate officer! I love the fact that we're strolling in a ballgown! Maybe it's after a formal dinner. The book is set in 1839; the beginning of the Victorian era, which explains the heroine's hairdo and crinoline gown.

This book is set in Mexico, one of 2, I believe, that Cartland set in that locale. Kamala runs away from an arranged marriage and met up with Conrad who is traveling to Mexico in search of diamonds. Barbara Cartland was a strict historian, so if she said that there are diamonds in Mexico, there are! Cartland used the arranged marriage plot a lot in her writing. Either a heroine is escaping from one or decides to endure one and ends up falling in love in the end.

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