Monday, May 11, 2009

The Little Adventure

The Little Adventure was published in January 1974 by Bantam and numbered #3. This book is set in Paris during 1869 with the heroine, Corinna, who escapes her aunt's house and runs away to Paris, changing her name, and becoming a governess. What happens afterward is classic Cartland drama!

I've always wondered why Francis Marshall did more than one cover with some titles and maybe someday that will be answered. It's amazing how beautiful they are! The hero, elegant in formal evening wear, and the heroine in a beautiful pink gown with a bustle, reminiscent of that time period. Also note her accessories: flowers on her dress and in her hair, ribbons, and fan. The last photo is the full length picture of the UK version and comes from a hardcover jacket.

I read from Barbara Cartland's autobiography that she wanted to create beautiful, inspiring stories to counteract what was evil and bad about the world. She once stated that people don't want to read about the kitchen sink, meaning that they want to read about a glamour that their lives didn't possess.

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