Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Shadow of Sin

The Shadow of Sin is #19 in the Bantam (US) series of Barbara Cartland novels. Corgi printed the UK edition. Francis Marshall created 2 very different covers for this book.

Celesta's brother gambles away their estate and she is pursued by 2 very different men. What happens next is classic Cartland!

This book takes place in 1821, right after King George IV takes the throne after being regent for the past 10 years. Gambling was a downfall for many people and fortunes and estates changed hands. It was a sin that like a shadow, hovered over the innocent. Because women rarely owned property, they were subject to poverty and insult whenever gambling fever took hold of their menfolk.

The Bantam cover shows our couple in a conservatory. Many estates had a conservatory, or hothouse, in order to grow flowers and vegetables. I believe that it is a peach tree in the background. Note that the hero is threatening in this cover as he tries to steal a kiss, while on the Corgi cover, he is protective of the heroine. I like the gun in his robe pocket! Both are very beautiful illustrations.

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  1. This is the first Barbara Cartland book I read. Yes,it is a peach tree and she is caught picking the peaches. He steals a kiss instead of having her punished. "A thief, a pretty little thief, but a thief." I believe is his line.