Friday, May 29, 2009

The Tears of Love

The Tears of Love is #21 in the Bantam series of Barbara Cartland romances and also illustrated by the famous Francis Marshall. This is a rare book for Cartland, because it is partially set in Argentina, South America, with an Argentinian hero.

Canuela, our heroine, finds employment with Ramon de Lopez, after her diplomat fathers' death. She takes the job in order to prove her father's innocence against the whispers of treason and to provide her sick mother with money and medical care. How this all is accomplished and how both Canuela and her mother find happiness after this time of trouble is the plot of this story.

Francis Marshall paints 2 very different covers. In the Bantam edition, our couple is formally dressed while standing in the town square. She looks like a bride about to be married. Note the townspeople in the background. In the Corgi version, our couple is wearing traveling dress and hiding from guerillas in the mountains. Barbara Cartland was careful to set her stories in places and circumstances that she was either familiar or had studied. She kept most of her settings to England and Europe.

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