Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Dragon and the Pearl

The Dragon and the Pearl is #69 in the Bantam series and was published in August 1977. It is a unique story of Zivana and Stanton Ware as they meet to help with Stanton's mission in Peking. This happens just before the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.This story is definitely a meeting of East versus West! I think it may be the only novel set in China that Barbara Cartland authored.

Francis Marshall outdoes himself with this cover. He show our couple in Chinese garb with our heroine in white, signifying her as the pearl and the hero in red meaning the dragon. It looks as if she's wearing pearls and I see dragons embroidered on his cloak. It is a beautiful setting and I remember looking forward to getting each new copy of Cartland's books just to see every new cover!

The Boxer Rebellion was a real event in China in 1900-01. It was an anti-foreign, anti-Christian movement and they wanted to eliminate foreign influence in China. Foreign troops fought and won against the Boxers in 1901.

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