Monday, September 21, 2009

Love Locked In

Love Locked In is #84 in the Bantam series. I also have a corresponding Pan (UK) edition included. The Bantam book was published in May 1978 and is the story of Syrilla, who agrees to marry the Duc de Savigne, a man who she hasn't seen since age 9!

I believe that this edition had 2 different covers since there was a hardcover edition published in 1977. The Bantam edition by Francis Marshall has our couple facing each other talking with the chateau in the background. There are tall trees behind them and the planter nearby where they stand is short. The Pan edition has them standing by a taller planter, but with the hero carrying a cane and wearing a red corsage. Both are dressed identically in both covers in a typical late regency/early Victorian style. It's almost like one of those games: find the differences in these pictures!

I'm always looking for FM cover variations, so please notify me if you find any other books that I don't have listed. I know some of the hardcover versions were different.

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