Monday, August 31, 2009

A Touch of Love

A Touch of Love is #68 in the Bantam series and was published in August 1977. It is the story of Tamara, who becomes a "governess" in order to stay with her nephew and nieces after the death of their parents in a boating accident. She takes them to their uncle and new guardian, the Duke of Granchester under her assumed name and role. Find out what happens after they arrive is this romantic novel from Barbara Cartland!

This cover by Francis Marshall is an outdoor scene where our heroine is playing in a haystack with the children when the hero rides by and startles them. Note her regency gown and bonnet. The children are adorable angels while our hero is sardonic as he passes. In the background is a glimpse of the house on the estate.

Many country estates were working farms and many sustained the family of the estate and provided jobs and food for the workers. Besides a farm, there would be a dairy, gardens for vegetables and flowers, animals raised, and other local crafts. An estate would usually have a village nearby that contained the church, a pub, a smithy, and maybe an inn.

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