Monday, September 7, 2009

The Hell-Cat and the King

The Hell-Cat and the King is #74 in the Bantam series and was published in November 1977. It is the story of Zenka and how Queen Victoria commands her to marry King Miklos of Karanya. She realizes that she must marry him, but she plans not to become a complacent English wife!

Francis Marshall paints an intriguing scene of our couple! Our heroine sits pointing a pistol at the King! She sits in her boudoir in a filmy white nightdress and robe while the king is wearing the uniform he was married in! She has a beautiful complexion for a redhead and this is a pretty cover that tells a story!

Queen Victoria was known for marrying her relations off to European Royal Houses! Europe was still unstable and countries felt that having an English queen would show that England was also supporting their country.


  1. This is my favorite Cartland Book. It was the second book of Cartland I read and I love how she stands up for herself.

  2. I was named after the character, Zenka :D