Friday, September 4, 2009

Love and the Loathsome Leopard

Love and the Loathsome Leopard is #72 in the Bantam series and was published in October 1977. It is the story of Wivena, who is pursued by the leader of the smugglers in her neighborhood. Only the Leopard, who is hunting down the smugglers, can save her!

This is an interesting cover by Francis Marshall because a lot is happening! Note our couple in the foreground but the smugglers and ships in the background! Our heroine is pretty in a white empire gown with a purple cloak. She is being rescued by our hero, who carries a gun and has possibly just shot the man lying on the ground! The fire in the background give the night sky orange lights and it is a fascinating piece of work!

Smugglers were busy during the regency times when England was at war with France. They would smuggle wine, brandy, cloth, and spices across the channel into England to sell and make a profit. The Navy was constantly trying to stop them since they felt it was unpatriotic for the smugglers to profit during the war.

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