Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vote for Love

Vote for Love is #57 in the Bantam series and was published in February 1977. It is the story of Viola who is bullied by her stepmother to become a suffragette and help demonstrate to get the vote for women. She is saved by Rayburn Lyle, who becomes necessary to her future life!

Francis Marshall draws a picture showing our heroine fainting and the hero helping her. Their clothing is typical of the early 1900's as is the plot of woman's suffrage. The only thing I dislike about this illustration is the "smoky" background, which is not usual for a Francis Marshall illustration. I don't know if the printers made a mistake.

In both the US and UK, woman's suffrage was popular. Women were trying to get the vote and the UK women gained voting rights in 1918 while US women gained the vote in 1920. World War 1 was a determining factor, since women helped greatly in the war effort.


  1. I can actually answer that about the smokiness of the background! The hero is helping Viola up and if you look closely you can see the flame of a bomb in the lower right hand corner - that's what's causing the smoke in the room! The hero is saving her and helping get her out before the bomb goes off. I can't honestly remember the rest of the plot but then it's probably close to 30 years ago that I read it! But Marshall put the smoke in intentionally in this case.

  2. the only thing i dislike about cartland - the hypocrisy. In some plots she worships the faint and almost mentally immature girls in others she admires courageous and strong willed women. The fact that Cartland used to be mocking women rights was the point i turned from her books. Still, i remain fan of some of her books.