Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Dream and the Glory

The Dream and the Glory is #54 in the Bantam series and was published in January 1977. It is the story of Lady Cordelia and her brother, who is on his way to Malta to become a Knight of St John. They are in Naples since the French are fighting in the seas and they meet up with their cousin, Mark Stanton, who is willing to take them to Malta. There are many adventures to be had before Cordelia and Mark realize that they are perfect for one another!

This is one of my favorite Francis Marshall covers! You can see the St John ship in the background with the pointed cross and our hero, resplendent in his uniform! Cordelia is beautiful in her pink gown and purple shawl and is comforted by the captain. It is a very good story, too!

The Order of St. John is real and Barbara Cartland gave half the profits from this book for that organization! She also was a member. They serve Christ by serving mankind.


  1. An unusual one in that the hero is blonde - not many Cartland heroes were blonde!

  2. Yeah. I think Cartland liked her dark, handsome men!!