Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Incredible Honeymoon

The Incredible Honeymoon is #46 in the Bantam series and the beginning of books having identical covers both in the US and UK. There are a few later on that I will show that had 2 different European covers! This book was published in September 1976 and is the story of Antonia, whose sister is suggested to the Duke of Doncaster as a possible spouse. Antonia offers to change places with her sister, who is in love with another. The Duke agrees with this and what happens afterwards is a great Cartland plot!
Francis Marshall paints a picture of our heroine in a beautiful red day bustle dress with a matching hat. She seems determined to look beautiful for her husband, who seems stunned at her appearance!

Second photo is from a hardback jacket (which I like a lot better than the first) and the last looks like it was meant for another book. I'm pretty sure it's a FM cover, though.

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