Friday, July 24, 2009

The Taming of Lady Lorinda

The Taming of Lady Lorinda is #55 in the Bantam series and was published in January 1977. It is the story of Lady Lorinda, a scandalous woman of the late 1700's whose father loses a wager and has to sell up due to debt. Durstan Hayle buys up the debt and castle and proposes to Lady Lorinda. What happens when the headstrong lady and reforming Lord meet and marry?

Francis Marshall paints a vivid illustration of our couple in a argument! He is angry at her and she is obviously holding up her bodice. They are both dressed in the fashions of the late 1700's. This was before the Grecian lines of the regency. She wears a beautiful gold dress and his teal blue waistcoat is stunning.

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  1. This is absolutely my least favourite Barbara Cartland novel. The illustration, beautifully done as it is, depicts the hero, yes the hero, tearing off Lady Lorinda's dress to horsewhip her! Yuck! What was Barbara thinking?