Saturday, July 11, 2009

Conquered by Love

Conquered by Love is #48 in the Bantam series and is the story of Theola, who accompanies her cousin Caroline to Kavonia, where she is to marry the King. When they arrive to find that a handsome revolutionary has taken over the country, Catherine leaves, but Theola is trapped in the palace with the new leader!

Francis Marshall painted 2 similar covers for this book. Luce d'Apollo is the Italian book by this name. They are beautiful covers of the revolutionary gaining respect by marrying the English lady to keep the throne.

I like that the Bantam cover is crisp and detailed. Our heroine is beautiful in a form fitting billowy gown with a bustle. It looks as if they are coming out of the cathedral and our hero is handsome in full military uniform. The Italian cover is intriguing because it is very similar, but you see the crowds and celebration decorations of the city. The hero wears a white jacket uniform, but everything else is the same.

I am always seeking different Francis Marshall covers, so if you know of any that match some of the other books listed, like this European one, please contact me!

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