Friday, June 4, 2010

LOL: Rainbow in the Spray

Rainbow in the Spray by Pamela Wynne was condensed by Barbara Cartland in February 1978. This is really two love stories in one: Mary Latimer's and her daughter, Margaret. Because of her parents marriage, Margaret feels that there is no such thing as true love while her mother falls in love after the death of her husband.

Francis Marshall shows our couple in busy London. Our tall hero gives a corsage to the heroine. I love their 1920's attire! Her fur was probably real! So elegant. Note the bobby and the double decker bus in the background.

A funny fur story: in 2008 I was in New York City with friends and we passed 4 foreign women dressed in full length real furs in Time Square! It was a picture of an elegance from a past time. We looked at each other and joked, "those weren't fake!"

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