Thursday, June 24, 2010

LOL: The Amateur Gentleman

The Amateur Gentleman by Jeffrey Farnol was published in August 1978 for Barbara Cartland's condensed Library of Love romance series. This story is about Barnabas Barty, the son of England's boxing champion, who inherits a fortune and plans to become a gentleman! He rescues the lovely Cleone and is determined to become worthy of her!

Francis Marshall shows our couple climbing over a fence. Our hero is dressed as a dashing regency buck while our heroine is lovely in her pink day dress and dark cape. We get the feeling that this isn't a walk through the park but some kind of escape! It's one of Marshall's great regency romance covers and another reason why I love stories set during this time period!

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  1. i've read this book (the unabridged version) and loved it!! this cover must be from the first meeting between the hero and heroine. lovely!