Monday, June 21, 2010

LOL: The Price of Things

The Price of Things by Elinor Glyn is #20 in Barbara Cartland's Library of Love condensed book series. This copy has a June 1978 publication date. This is a romance set during WW1, where Amaryllis marries the handsome Sir John, but circumstances make her fall in love with his cousin, Denzil. The plot thickens with the heir to the family, who may or may not be illegitimate, trying to become its head, by fair means or foul!

Francis Marshall shows our couple saying goodbye. Our hero is handsome in his uniform and our heroine pretty in blue. The motorcar almost dominates the cover by its size and color. Another great picture by FM!


  1. wow!! this one is lovely!! thanks for posting them. have you read all these books? can i ask you something? i think i had read somewhere that B.C. painted some of her books' covers herself, is it true?

  2. I've read some of these LOL ones, not all. The BC romances I've read them all, some multiple times!

    I hadn't heard that BC painted any of her book covers. I don't think that is true. Even the later ones that I'll post after I get all of the Francis Marshall covers up look like the work of an artist.

  3. Another thought: I believe most of these LOL books would be better read in full, not condensed versions. While I applaud Cartland for making these authors known to her readers, I think the stories lack due to not being published in full.

    The covers are very lovely and I'm glad that you are enjoying them!!