Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Song of Love

A Song of Love was published by Pan in 1980 and illustrated by Francis Marshall for author Barbara Cartland. I'm pretty sure that this had a US copy, but not this pretty FM cover illustration! I collected the Cartland books that had FM illustrations over those published in the US that didn't.

This book is about Trina, whose mother is engaged to a French Comte and has to lease out his castle, since he is poor. Trina becomes intrigued at an old story about a past Comte who has hidden a fortune and seeks to find it to save her mother and hopefully marry the grandson of the lady leasing the castle!

Francis Marshall shows our couple in the dungeon of the castle and our heroine is very pretty in a white gown trimmed in gold, while our hero is handsome in a black suit! It's fascinating how Marshall seems to make this space feel large and light! I found this book in a used bookstore, but eBay and the internet are great places to find books from the UK!

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