Thursday, December 31, 2009

Against the Stream

Against the Stream was published in paperback in these editions in 1975 (UK) and 1977 (US).

This book is about Ann, who accepts a proposal from Sir John Melton after the death of her father and only to keep her family together. Can she love this enigmatic man?

At first glance, the UK and US covers look similar; some covers are enlarged for US books, but you see a difference when you look closer. The UK cover is full length with our couple sitting on a sofa with the couple holding hands. Our UK hero looks almost exotic while his heroine wears a ring that is missing from the US cover and sparkly earrings. I like her full red skirt.

The US cover is similar, but the hero looks more English while the heroine has her eyes open, wears no ring, has a red ribbon on her neck and subdued earrings. Her blouse is flecked with blue instead of red dots. Also, you get the illusion that they are in a city with the buildings in the background, which is missing in the UK cover. A lot of differences for 2 covers that look very similar at first glance! Francis Marshall probably tweaked the UK cover for the US market! I hope that you enjoy and do click on the pictures to enlarge!

Happy New Year! I hope to bring you many new posts in 2010! Please feel free to share other Cartland covers by Francis Marshall with me!

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