Monday, December 14, 2009

A Heart is Stolen

A Heart is Stolen was published in 1980 by Corgi, a UK publisher. This book is unique in that didn't have a US copy published! In 1980, Barbara Cartland began a magazine series here in the US and this book was serialized in the magazine, so I guess they assumed that it didn't need to be published in the US. I searched for years for a copy (thank you, internet)!

A Heart is Stolen is about the Marquis of Veryan who leaves a house party due to a persistant woman and hides in a small estate he owns near Brighton. He meets a mysterious neighbor and finds a true love near the sea!

I like this cover by Francis Marshall! It's definitely action packed, with the hero punching the villain! The heroine is pretty in her old fashioned green gown and the room in which they stand is elegant. It was exciting to finally find a copy of this book and see the Marshall cover. At the time, I was searching for all of the FM covers and the internet was a great resource. I hope you enjoy this cover.

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