Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Again This Rapture

Again This Rapture begins the series of older Cartland romances. Most of these are reprints of earlier hardcover books and most are set in modern time. The US ones were mainly published by Pyramid/Jove and the UK by a variety of publishers. I hope you enjoy these Francis Marshall covers!

This book was reprinted in 1977 by both publishers and is the story of Cynthia, who has lost her fiance, Peter, and her home, Birch Vale, due to her father's debts. After his death, she sells the house to Robert Shefford, a mysterious man that she think she hates....

The Arrow (UK) cover shows our heroine in a wedding gown with the hero bursting in on her. I like the touch of the bouquet on the floor and the hatbox ready to be carried out! It's a pretty cover and everyone likes a bride!

The Pyramid (US) cover shows our hero and heroine in front of a large car on a dark street. She is pretty with light colored hair in a Farrah Fawcett cut with our hero a handsome redhead looking at her. It's an intriguing cover with the darkness and the lights shining behind. I hope that you enjoy both FM covers for this book!


  1. so very glad you are doing this blog! I just read EVERY entry all the way back! Love to see these again. I have all or nearly all of the Bantam series- packed away in a box somewhere that I can't seem to locate right now. (I sure hope they are ok wherever they are - in the attic somewhere). I never knew there were alternate versions in the UK! And with alternate covers! How exciting to see those! I love the illustrations - they got me interested in fashion illustration and I drew and copied most of them back when I was in high school and junior high. Thanks so much for all the effort you took to put them on here - I thoroughly enjoyed myself looking at them tonight! It was like visiting with old friends!

  2. You're welcome! Glad that others are enjoying them!

    I realized around 1980's that the UK had different covers, found a few, but finding most was a chore until the internet made book hunting a lot easier!

    I've felt that the Bantam series sold so well was partly because of the beautiful covers. It was sad when the artist changed and it was years later that I realized it was because FM had died.

  3. I seem to remember from reading the book (years and years ago) that Robert Shefford had dark red hair in the book. But truth be told, I prefer the first cover with the bride...

  4. In the story, the heroine is the blond and the hero is the redhead that are in the US cover. The bride on the UK cover is the hero's daughter, and the man entering the room is the man she is in love with, coming back in time to stop her wedding to another man.
    I absolutely love this blog! I read all of the Bantam books in the late 70s (my sister bought each one as they came out) but have only recently began collecting them for myself.I'm on a mission to find all of the Francis Marshall covers :) This blog makes it so much easier to know what I'm looking for! Thanks for all of your hard work =)

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