Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Kiss of Life

The Kiss of Life was #136 in the Bantam series and was published in March 1981. Lord Yelverton is an archaeologist visiting Mexico with some Mexican carvings that he bought in Egypt off a Mexican seaman. He is told to visit Ajax Audenshaw, an Englishman, but an expert in antiquities. While there, he meets Audenshaw's daughter, Tula, and finds not only a treasure, but a wife!

This is a beautiful cover of our couple standing at the base of a waterfall vowing their love for one another. Our hero looks very dark for an Englishman and our heroine is young and pretty. I like the feeling of the falling water and the mist rising above it.

Barbara Cartland wrote very few books set in the Americas. This may be the only one set in Mexico. I hope you can find a copy to enjoy!


  1. this is a good one!

  2. 'Journey to Paradise' is also set in Mexico. That's a terrific novel too, a bit longer than her usual novels.