Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Hell to Heaven

#133 Bantam (US) series begins with a different illustrator. January 1981 is the publication date for From Hell to Heaven and Francis Marshall died in 1980 with his last Bantam cover being #132. If you know who did the artwork for this one, please contact me!

Set in 1831 during the Derby, the Marquis of Alchester will do anything to keep his rival, the Earl of Branscombe, from marrying his wealthy ward. He devises a plan to find an unknown girl to take her place, but Kistna ends up falling in love with the Marquis and thwarts his plan against the Earl!

This is a very pretty cover. Our heroine wears a pink gown with full sleeves that is very Victorian in appearance. Our hero in handsome in blue and white. We see them standing near a stream and a pink flowering bush that echoes her dress. I like all of the greenery around them.

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