Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dreams Do Come True

#141 in the Bantam series is Barbara Cartland's Dreams Do Come True, which was published in July 1981. Odetta travels to Paris with her good friend Penelope as her maid, in order to see France. While there, Penelope is invited to a masquerade next door and Odetta dreams up the idea to dress and go as a princess! What else happens when the ball is over?

This is another nice cover art from an unknown illustrator. I like the scene at the masquerade where the couple meet for the first time! Her gown is supposed to be from Worth, who created all of the fashionable gowns in Paris!

What's also interesting is inside this book is a card to join the "Barbara Cartland Romance Club" where you can get your Bantam Cartland's delivered to your home! Yearly cost for 18 books was $24.99!

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