Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Prince and the Pekingese

The Prince and the Pekingese is #100 in the Bantam series and for this book, Francis Marshall painted Barbara Cartland and her own pekingese dog! I wanted to show you the reverse so that you could see more of Marshall's work! This picture is also the front cover of her biography, Crusader in Pink.

This book is about Angelina, who lives retired with her grandmother. Next door, though, is the ministry of Cephalonia, where she can watch those visiting for the new King's coronation. How she meets the Prince and how they are able to marry, even though she is a commoner, is the thrilling plot of this story from Barbara Cartland!

Francis Marshall has outdone himself in this cover! It shows our couple, handsome and elegant, along with the pekingese dog, who introduces them and is a main part of the story! They stand in Trafalgar Square! Our heroine is pretty in blue with her Gibson girl hairdo and the Prince is handsome in his dress suit and orders. I like the background scene, complete with Big Ben! A great picture of London celebrating a new king in 1902!

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