Friday, October 23, 2009

Love in the Dark

Love in the Dark is #106 in the Bantam series and was published in July 1979. It is the story of Susanna, the second daughter of Lady Lavenham, who married off her older sister to an unwanted suitor and plans to marry off Susanna, who is heavy and plain, to a penniless duke! To stop this plan, she escapes home and takes a position as a reader to a temporarily blind American man. What happens next is magical Cartland!

Francis Marshall paints our couple in an elegant room where our now thin heroine is reading to the hero, who sits in the chair with a cloth over his eyes. She is now very thin and he is handsome from what we can see! I like her white flowing dress and olive sash. The cool colors of the room look like a comfortable and inviting place to sit and read!


  1. I was watching a programme a couple of days back and it reminded me of how I enjoyed reading my Great Aunt's Barbara Cartland books - this is one I was trying to remember