Monday, October 26, 2009

A Nightingale Sang

A Nightingale Sang is #109 in the Bantam series and was published in September 1979.

As you can see, this is the other wrong cover illustration. The Corgi (UK) one is correct.

It is the story of Tybalt and Aleta, who meet at a ball in Berkeley Square and share a romantic moment in the garden. They happen to meet again after 2 years and she realizes he is a duke!

I will discuss the Corgi illustration. Francis Marshall shows our couple sharing a kiss in the garden in Berkeley Square! She is dressed fashionably for a book set in 1920 and our hero is handsome in black. The garden is fenced and pretty! One can almost hear the nightingales singing! It's a pretty cover and fits this story!!

England after WW1 was recouping after losing many men. Many who returned were looking for work and money was scarce. They found enjoyment in the present: balls, dances, and flirting with pretty girls. Many social restrictions of the past were relaxed. This was the time frame that Barbara Cartland herself was familiar. She dated and danced with London's elite during the 1920's!

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