Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Marquis Who Hated Women

The Marquis Who Hated Women is #62 in the Bantam Series and was published in May 1977. Shikara meets up with the Marquis after he finds her escaping from an unwanted marriage. She is traveling to Egypt to meet her father and he is fleeing an unwanted mistress, so they decide to travel together!

Francis Marshall paints an interesting picture of our couple in an embrace. Note the pistol that the hero is holding. From the cover, I'm sure that they meet with many exciting adventures on the way and in Egypt!

Traveling in the 1800's was getting easier every decade, but still fraught with danger! Most people traveled by water, which was faster than by land. It took much longer to get from place to place and it was definitely for the very wealthy!

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