Monday, December 1, 2014

Love by Moonlight

Love by Moonlight is #122 in the Pink Collection and was published in November 2014. Konstantina Millbank is an orphan and traveling to her new guardian in her mother's home country. She meets the handsome Prince Gregor, the only young person in this elderly household.

This cover is identical to the UK Corgi cover of The Shadow of Sin  another great Francis Marshall illustration!

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  1. I stumbled onto your lovely blog while looking up pictures for my facebook. Haven't read any of Barbara Cartland's books in ages. She was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine when I was in my 20s. Too bad she's no longer in vogue. In this day and age of so-called romance novels that are closer to pornography than romance, along with all the reality shows, twerking and just general advocacy of immorality, I think the world could use the more wholesome and beautiful books that Barbara Cartland specialized in.