Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Revenge is Sweet

Revenge is Sweet is #69 in the Camfield series and was published in May 1989. Valessa Chester, agrees to play a prank on the Marquis of Wyndonbury in exchange for money when it all goes wrong and she finds herself married to him!

This is an interesting cover of our couple. They look as if they're in a foreign place, even though we see the Union Jack flying! Our heroine sits primly in a carriage while the hero gazes at her. Her dress has a Victorian look while the hero is mainly in Regency garb.
Note the palm trees in the background!


  1. set during reign of Willian iv one of my favorite books!

  2. is it possible that you upload some of the books? "Revenge is sweet" is one of my favourite books. it would be lovely if you can scan and upload them. thank you.

  3. It's a nice idea, but too time consuming and also against copyright laws. Check or for information on ebooks. Good luck finding a copy!!