Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cleaning up and adding photos


Today I did some housecleaning on the blog. I merged 2 separate posts about Sweet Enchantress into one and then added some new (really old) cover photos to the following titles:

The Incredible Honeymoon
The Enchanting Evil
Secret Fear
A Virgin in Paris
The Unknown Heart
Love to the Rescue
The Little Adventure
The Unpredictable Bride

Also, a reader sent me a clue that Barbara Cartland's website was listing some old Francis Marshall cover art and I have added photos to these posts:

The Dangerous Dandy
Mine For Ever
Mission to Monte Carlo
Money or Love
No Darkness for Love
No Time for Love
Secret Love
They Ran Away
Who Can Deny Love?

I hope that we continue to find new FM cover art! Please contact me by leaving a comment on the blog if you notice a new picture.

The two pictures on the left look like Christmas cards that Francis Marshall may have sent Barbara Cartland! I'm glad we're seeing more of his art work on her website which is linked below.


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