Friday, August 18, 2017

The Earl in Peril

The Earl in Peril is #154 in the Pink Collection by Barbara Cartland and was published in July 2017.

Lorena Conway overhears a murder plot and decides to intervene by telling the new Earl of Bramfield what she heard. He hires her as a secretary in order to help him and together they use their wits and find love together.

I'm pretty sure this is new original cover art and it's very pretty and romantic. I love the color of the heroine's dress!


  1. The Cover art was used previously for the initial run of the Pink Collection audiobooks, released on CD in 2006 by, and again digitally in 2011.

  2. Good find! I don't see that audiobook published yet in book form! Too bad they didn't save this cover for that novel.

  3. There were four books published as audiobooks in 2006 that were not previously published by soundings in the 1980s. there were

    1 the patient Bridegroom (really nice cover art, which I havn't seen anywhere else. Heroine dressed in yellow, holds a baby with the hero looking on from a doorway)
    2 A challenge of hearts
    3 A Train to Love (since republished on book form # 124)
    4 The Unbroken Dream (since republished on book form # 136)

    1. Do you have a copy of the picture of The Patient Bridegroom? I'd like to see it.