Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Unbroken Dream

The Unbroken Dream by Barbara Cartland is #135 in the Pink Collection and was published in December 2015. The Duke of Laverdale is determined to become the new Master of the Horse so is on the lookout for a suitable wife. He decides to meet the daughter of an old friend, but Oleta will have nothing to do with an arranged marriage and runs away, only for the duke, traveling incognito, to find her.

This is a new cover for this novel. The heroine seems to be helping the hero, who has hidden in a well for some reason! It was one of the first titles listed (but not published) after Cartland quit publishing in the mid-1990's, so may have been done by the artist during that time.

Edited: artwork comes from the audiobook cover of the same title.


  1. Again, this cover appeared on the audio edition of the same book released in 2006 and re released in 2011