Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Jigsaw is Barbara Cartland's first novel. This is a reproduction that was sold in 2010 and limited to 5000 copies. Check barbaracartland.com for more information.

Jigsaw is the story of Mona, who marries Peter, a marquis, to leave behind an ordinary life of work and toil. She is happy until she meets his half brother Alec and wonders if she has made a dreadful mistake!

This is an odd cover, to be sure! We see the devil sitting on a wedding ring, tempting the lady he holds in his hand. A cupid sits on top, hopefully to rescue her! Not sure if there could be any other interpretation to this, but am willing to hear all theories!

Next, we will be presenting Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection, a group of 150 books that have been published since her death in 2000. These are also available at the website listed above and are not available in any bookstores in the US.

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