Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Disguise for Love

No Disguise for Love is #90 in the Camfield series and was published in February 1991. The Marquis of Calvadale travels to Fez in Morocco in order to help Narda, a young girl whose family necklace was stolen by a sheikh from there. After they arrive, Narda is captured by the White Slavers and it's up to the Marquis to save her!

Fiord Forlag is the illustrator of this cover, as stated inside the book. We see our couple, before our heroine is about to be auctioned off by the slavers. The hero is dressed as a sheikh and our heroine is in a pretty light blue robe. The hero is being talked to by another man as the heroine walks by. We see by her glimpse that she recognizes the hero!

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